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Rho Chapter Update

A new era of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Rho chapter has come. A new age of determined, intelligent, and outstanding individuals sought to learn to become the new generation of leaders. Long-time member and former president Jake Fox have passed the torch to Ryan Grossbard. Furthermore, former lieutenant master Brennon Pafume has passed the torch to Ryan Anderson. Our goal is to continue expanding our chapter to young future leaders while espousing our values of honesty, humility, perseverance, mutual helpfulness, and faith. We sought to provide the best college and fraternity experience for all who would like to join. Additionally, aid our brothers a head start to their future career path and provide the necessary tools to do so. The Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Rho chapter also stands among the highest GPAs within the fraternities in the University of Rhode Island. What’s more, is that we provide study hours and academic aid and encourage brothers to utilize those tools as a means to secure a successful academic record in URI.   


This has been a very long and exhausting pandemic, however, even under such circumstances our fraternity has grown and prospered while also following the strict guidelines that the campus and state have put upon us. We can assure all that we as a fraternity have been abiding by these guidelines and have taken the necessary precautions as means of keeping our brothers and others safe from COVID the best way that we can. To our future brothers, we ask for those to sign a contract, assuring those that we will be safe as possible. We ask our future brothers to agree to campus guidelines on getting tested every two weeks, to be properly wearing a mask, and maintaining a social distance of 6 feet from others and more. We are aware of the factors that are beyond our control and understand that we must be safe during this ongoing pandemic. Health and safety are the first priority and will be treated as such.  

With that said, we still hold brotherhood events and try to incorporate as many of our brothers as we can. Our athletics chairman, Justin Woodward has been hosting successful events to adjust to the weather such as snow football and hosting inside events like playing Madden. In addition, our Brother at the large chairman, Jaylin Cardoza, has been arranging amazing brotherhood events like Casino night, Monopoly night, and virtual events. Brotherhood is something we hold dear and is a core aspect of what this fraternity is about, however, all COVID guidelines are being followed to the best of our ability.

Written by: Jack Wren

Rush, Rush, Rush!

Gentlemen, the time has come. As you know, the Rho Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi has been rising from the dark ages in recent years, slowly rebuilding. Our foundation being stronger and more enforced than ever. Our tightly-knit brotherhood at the center of it all. And now, I am happy to say that the dark ages are no more. We are entering a new era of the Rho Chapter’s glorious history. One that shall see the chapter flourish, prosper, and reach new heights it has never before. This semester, I took my place on the executive board as Rush Chair, taking the reins from none other than the man who recruited me here, Sir Adam Michael Bernstein. With his teachings, as well as from rush chairs of the past, I was able to prepare for recruiting this spring’s Psi Class. That is, of course, while taking the pandemic into consideration. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered everyone’s way of life and certainly has changed the way social life is here on campus. For freshmen such as myself, it has been rather difficult to meet people while following safety regulations. However, given I have only experienced a coronavirus rush in my time here, I viewed it as an advantage. I viewed it as an advantage and began preparing from the moment I was elected.


From the very start, I prioritized safety over everything, with many events via zoom and temperature guns at events. Additionally, the committee quickly formed, with seven total members, myself included. There were also two subcommittees, being recruitment and engagement. Recruitment focused on cold calls and outreach, while engagement’s goal was keeping the rushes in the loop and away from other fraternities. While other fraternities here at the University of Rhode Island were partying against the rules, we emphasized having fun while also staying safe. Our theme was “21 Rush Street,” as you can see throughout trailers and posts on our Instagram. It drew plenty of attention, as I can only hope that once 2022 rolls around that “22 Rush Street” is the theme. Through social media, multiple rushes reached out interested, as we quickly generated a following. Before we knew it, the Psi Class began to form. Currently, we have six potential new members, and that is not even including what a rolling rush might bring. All six are now entering the new member education process, as they have been passed into the hands of New Member Educator Noah “Soos” Rodriguez. I cannot wait to see what they bring to the fraternity (should they make it through), as I know they all can bring great brothers.

As previously mentioned, this is a new age for the Rho Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. We are welcoming a large incoming class, and the momentum will not be lost as the fall rush list is already being pieced together. So what if there is a pandemic? This is a new day and age for AEPi. The Golden Age.

Written by: Mason Smoller


The Krispy Kreme sale has been a Rho Chapter tradition for years. Unfortunately due to a shorten semester last spring and the impact of COVID this past fall, the sale could not take place. However, the Rho Chapter will be bringing back this tradition through pre-orders on April 20th. The chapter and current brothers will be promoting the sale through April 20th via the chapter and their personal social media. Alumni, local residents, and on and off-campus students will have the opportunity to purchase donuts. The proceeds will go to a cause later to be determined. Normally those interested in purchasing donuts could buy either single donuts or in dozens outside of the Memorial Union or through pre-orders. Unfortunately, we will not be able to set up as usual outside the Union. However, pre-orders will go out towards the end of March or the beginning of April. Be sure to check social media specifically the AEPi Instagram or the alumni Facebook group for more information. In addition feel free to contact our philanthropy chair, Adam Bernstein, at (516)-317-9606 or The Rho Chapter also plans to create a  bingo board Instagram and Facebook story on March 13th. The bingo board will give people the opportunity to donate a specific amount of money in boxes. This will take place exactly one year from the day that we were put on lockdown. The proceeds will go towards COVID relief for this event.  We are extremely excited about the philanthropy opportunities within the chapter this semester. We hope that everyone is staying safe and well during these unprecedented times and look forward to maintaining our strong brotherhood and relationships with alumni. 

Written by: Adam Bernstein

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